Monday, June 16, 2014

Baseball? What baseball?.....

I'm sure there are a few of you out there who have gone over to Every Witch Way Lane by now and have taken a closer look at our friend "Jinx" here.   I am also sure that you read his "description" and thought to yourself....hmmmm, where is this "baseball" that everyone keeps talking about!  LOL  Well, some of the pictures submitted to be loaded had a baseball sitting at his feet so that you can see a "size" comparison to a familiar object.  :-P   Obviously, not all pictures were loaded up, that is the web administrators prerogative on which they choose to load to their store.  So, just in case they used that particular photo,  I had to make a comment in the description that the "baseball" was not included.  Seems like a lot of silly, I know, but in this line of business, you have to think ahead.  :-D

At any rate, I did want to share a few pictures with you here of "Jinx" including the "baseball" photo.  For those interested in purchasing "Jinx" he is available ONLY through Every Witch Way Lane for a full month.  So, if you were wanting to make that purchase, you have to do it through the store site.  No, ifs, ands or buts about it!!  The only reason I mention it is I did have a couple inquiries on where to make the purchase.  I figured it was best to clear up any confusion.  :-)

Anyway, again, please remember that these pictures do not do this guy ANY justice whatsoever.  The colors on him are truly fall spectacular colors!  It is a shame I could never get the lighting just right.  Whoever purchases this guy, will definitely love him for their fall decorating.  He's fantastic and a super fun character!    Remember, he is ONLY available through Every Witch Way Lane!  Just make your purchase by using the PayPal button there!  International buyers, please contact before making your payment so that shipping can be determined for your location.  Thank you for that consideration!  Here are just a few pics of "Jinx"  (included with the baseball haha).  I hope you will enjoy them!  For more pics, please follow the link to the Every Witch Way Lane store:
"Jinx" size comparison with baseball

"Jinx" size comparison with my hand!

"Jinx" size comparison with a ruler!

"Jinx" close-up view to "hopefully" see the colors.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Come one, come all...

New items are finally listed in the Every Witch Way Lane store!  I hope that you will all stop by to check out the new offerings for the month of June.  There are some neat items listed there by various Halloween artist.  :-D   Definitely a lot of unique things to see, so don't miss out! 

My fella "Jinx" is also making his debut there this month!

The pictures aren't the absolute best ever, but they are good enough to get the idea. We were having a TON of rain this past week here in my area in Central Florida, and I was unable to get good pictures in time for the deadline.  No matter where I set up my photo shoot, whether it was indoors or outdoors, it didn't matter.  It was just too dark and gloomy to get a decent amount of lighting.  And, to boot, the pumpkin head guy stands 21.5 inches tall, so it was impossible to get him to fit into my photo tent that I typically use for the smaller creations.  :-)  Yes, you read that right, he is a tall fella standing at 21.5 inches tall!  Anyway, you can see more pictures of him in the Every Witch Way Lane store and read more about his details.  So, why don't you all pop on over that way following the link above and check out all the offerings for the month of June!  I'm sure "Jinx" and his friends would love to meet you!  :-D

Thanks for joining along in the Halloween revelry!  I would love to hear what you think about my new item "Jinx".  I'm thinking on making more similar to him...what do you all think? 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Another deadline come and gone...

I finally managed to get the next Halloween piece finished up in time to place in the Every Witch Way Lane Halloween shop. Thank goodness!  Talk about time seems it's the story of my life lately.  But, that is good as I love to be busy creating! 

At any rate, the new piece will be making it's debut on the 15th and will be available exclusively at the Every Witch Way Lane shop for an entire month!  Once the link is available to the store, I will place it here so that you can go to it directly from the blog page.  There should be a lot of interesting things to look at by a number of artist.  So, I hope you will find the time to browse around the pages. 

Unfortunately, the pictures I took of the new piece are not the best but they are decent enough I suppose.  We have had buckets of rain falling here for the past week and it has been difficult to get nice pictures.  No matter where I set up shop to get the pics, inside or outside, it has just been too dark and gloomy for nice quality pics.  :(  Which, honestly, makes me very sad as you would LOVE the colors that are in this piece.  Suffice to say the pictures, once you are able to see them, do NOT do this new piece justice.  But, it's the best I can get I'm afraid to say.  Not only that, but the piece stands 21.5 inches tall, which is too tall to place inside my photo tent.  :-P   So, no matter what I tried, it seemed I was getting a "red" glow to the piece.  At least, that is how I perceived the pictures.  Perhaps I am wrong and you will see them differently.  *shrug*   I guess I will have to learn to work smaller.....or better yet, build a bigger photo tent!!!  :-D  That, and I need to learn the pros and cons of a good photo shoot. 

With that said and done, I just wanted to pop in here to remind all you good folks to be sure to stop back by in a couple of days so you can be one of the first to see the new item.  He's a fun character that I am sure you will all "fall" in love with and want to take home with you! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Playing in the pumpkin patch

I'm sure you fine folks out there have been wondering where I ran off to and hid lately. Well, truth be told, I've been playing with pumpkins...lots and lots of pumpkins!  

I have several things in the works at this moment, including more dangle doll pumpkins, a couple of witches, and my one special piece that will be submitting to the Every Witch Way Lane Store.  So, unfortunately, I can not show you that piece just yet....not even any WIP pics but I will say that it stands 21.5 inches tall!  I really like the size of this one and I think I will be making a few more similar to him.  I admit, he's been a lot of fun to create so far, so I'm sure I will be making more.  Once I am able to post pictures up, I hope you let me know what you think!  Even more so, I hope you will visit the store at Every Witch Way Lane and do a little shopping! 

Speaking of pics, I just realized that I can not show you the pics of the dangle doll pumpkins I'm working on because my "special" item is also standing in the pics too.  LOL  *sigh*  Guess, I'll have to come back later once I can get the moment to take some WIP pics of those things again.  Truthfully, there is not a lot to see at the moment anyway.  It's really just a bunch of pumpkin heads on spikes.  LOL  Now, if that isn't creepy, I don't know what else is. LOL  Seriously, a doll maker's studio can be a creepy place, nothing but doll heads sitting around on spikes like they have been impaled.  HAHAHA  Minus the blood and guts of course.  Unless...of course you add stuffing and red paint.  :-D 

At any rate, I really wanted to jump in here to give you good folks an update to stay tuned for some new items coming soon to the Coven of Crones!  Keep in mind, the Halloween stuff is a new venture for me, so I don't have a lot of stuff to show just yet, but rest assured, I am working hard to bring you some items too see.  With that said, I also revamped my website,  You will find a page on the site that will be dedicated to all things Coven of Crones.  Hopefully, you will also like to look around at the other pages too, but if you are strictly a Halloween fanatic, then, that page is the one you will want to find on the tabs menu. 

Other than that and life in general (which seems to be getting in the way of my creativity lately),  I also have 4 auctions up on ebay this week.   One piece in particular is my most coveted item, my dragon, "Joy Ride".   You can check out the items here by following along the first auction link to "Joy Ride".    Granted, it's not a Halloween object, but, *shrug* someone out there might like dragons.  :-D  I hope you visit him anyway!

Other than that, "Matilda's Flight" is still available at Every Witch Way Lane.  Hopefully, If you have had your eye on her, you will stop by and make your purchase soon before she flies away to some one else's home!   Her link is here to the shop at EWWL :

In the meantime, Happy Hauntings everyone!