Thursday, July 17, 2014

Black Cats, Witches Hats, and Broomsticks....

What do they all have in common?  Well, aside from being the mainstay to Halloween,  they are the focus of my next project!  In fact, my next creation is the "challenge" piece for the Face Book group, Every Witch Way Lane and the theme just happens to be "Black cats, Witches hats, and Broomsticks".   It was perfect for the Coven of Crones, so I jumped right into the cauldron and signed myself up for the challenge.  Unfortunately, I only have a couple of weeks to complete it as the flatline, er, uhm, I mean the deadline is the 31st of July!  Needless to say, I will have to work quickly in order to finish this next one up on time. 

Of course, this is definitely going to be a "challenge" because I am also working on a commission piece at the same time on my other blog,  It's been something I have been working on in the back ground for over a month alongside all of the current Halloween pieces that I have been finishing.  Of course, I have found myself working pretty slow in this past month dealing with a cursed sinus infection.  But regardless, I keep plucking along at the projects when my head isn't in so much of a "fog". 

Anyway, I wanted to pop in here and scare all of you with some progress pictures of the "challenge" piece.  The first couple of pictures are kind of dark, but, basically that part is showing you the armature.  Then, of course, the later pics show where I am currently on the piece.  

At any rate, I hope you will pull up a chair, sit for a spell, drink some spirits, and enjoy the progress on this wicked old girl.  She's sure to charm your socks off when she is completed! 

As always, thanks for following along at the Coven of Crones where magic meets creativity!
Black cats, Witches hats, and Broomsticks challenge piece, "armature"

Black cats, Witches hats, and Broomsticks challenge piece, "armature"
Black cats, Witches hats, and Broomsticks challenge piece, progress.

Black cats, Witches hats, and Broomsticks challenge piece, progress.

Black cats, Witches hats, and Broomsticks challenge piece, progress.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Meet and greet time!

The time has finally come!  That bewitching hour where all the new pieces are finally debuted in the Every Witch Way Lane blog gallery sale page.  Unfortunately, I turned into a pumpkin just before the hour arrived last night.   The time for the shop rotation is at midnight...but on Central Standard Time.  LOL  Well, since I am on EST, it stands to reason, I was finding it rather difficult to keep my eyes open.  In fact, I had already started to use tooth picks to keep my eyelids up way before my own midnight hour hit the clock.  :-D

At any rate, you can now meet "Hettie", my new little witch, and see all of the other fantastic stuff up for offer this month.  Remember, you have until the 15th of August to make your purchases, but I would not delay because someone else out there could be eyeing the same item as you!  And, when it's gone, it's gone!  So jump on your broomsticks and ride on over to the Every Witch Way Lane gallery to see what is new in the shop!  

Here is the link to go directly to "Hettie"!


Monday, July 14, 2014

It's almost time for the big reveal!

But in the meantime, I thought I would share with you this super cool store picture from Every Witch Way Lane!  It's pretty wicked isn't it?  LOL   I love the suspense before the big reveal!  It is so much fun.  Actually it really makes me feel like a kid on Christmas Eve, sleeping with one eye opened so I can catch a peek at Santa, and waiting to open up my presents in the morning.  Oh, wait...wrong holiday!  :-P  But, you get the idea any way.   Believe me.....I am just as excited about it as you are!  I'll see you here tomorrow for the big reveal!  *cackles manically*

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sneak Peek!

My, oh my, how the time flies by when you are having fun creating Halloween goodies for all the world to see.  Can you believe it's been almost a month since the last items were rotated out in the store at Every Witch Way Lane?  I can not believe it myself! 

Nonetheless, it's almost that time again, and I've been busier than a bat in a witches bonnet!   In fact, I wanted to drop in here and give all you guys and ghouls a little sneak peek of what I have coming up for you in this coming month's listing at Every Witch Way Lane blog store.  Of course, it's only a sneak "peek" because I am not supposed to show the item just yet since the entire piece is supposed to debut in the shop on the 15th!  So all of you folks out there will have to sit back and wait until the unveiling on the 15th to see the entire thing!  In the is a small "peek" of what is to come! :-D
Sneak "Peek"

I know, I know...I'm a funny one.  LOL  But, you have to is like sneaking a peek at some peekers.  haha  

At any rate, speaking of peeking,  have any of you managed to visit the Spirits in Sanford website yet?  I have to say, they have done a super nice job on putting it together and they even have some information on the artist who will be participating in this years events in October!  And, they also have some pictures from the previous years festivities too.  So, when you get a moment, perhaps you might like to take a "peek" at their site too!
Don't forget to mark the dates on your calendars to attend.....especially if you are a local yokel.  I would love to meet and greet with all of you folks out there.  So definitely mark your calendars for the dates of October 3 and 4th for Spirits in Sanford!  And, just in case the link gets lost here on the blog, just look for the participation logo picture on the side feed with the owl and you can get the link there too!

So, with that said, it's time for me to get back into the studio and tend to the cauldron before it bubbles over again.  I HATE when that happens!  Until next time, wishing you wicked nightmares and haunted day dreams!  Thanks for stopping by the Coven of Crones!