Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Very Special Thank You!!!

As always, there are many things to be "thankful" for through out the year, but Thanksgiving is a special time of the year that we show our gratitude for the abundances we have in our lives. 

This year, I want to say a special Thank You to all of you out there in the world who have been supportive of my artistic endeavors in the doll and figurative arts.  In doing so, I have created a special sale in my Etsy store for this Holiday weekend to show my gratitude for your continued support.  

Put in coupon code Thanksgiving15 and receive 15% off of your total purchase from now until December 2, 2014!   That's right!  The sale stretches from Thanksgiving day right through Cyber Monday!  So, if you've had your eye on an item but were waiting on a special time to make the purchase, now is the time!

As a special note, I also do lay-away plans as well.  You can break the payments up into 2 or 3 installments.

As always, thanks for following along here at the Coven of Crones (a.k.a. The Pixie Knoll)!

Happy Thanksgiving Folks!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Still Up and Running!

Hi there folks! 

Halloween may have come and gone for this year, but the making of boo-tiful creations still continues at Every Witch Way Lane blog store.  One of my pieces, along with other Halloween artist works are now available in the shop for the month of November.   So why not stop by and check out the great offerings in the store.  No reason you can't add to those fabulous, one-of-a-kind Halloween works of art that you have collected.  The more the merrier I say! 

Stop by and visit Every Witch Way Lane today!

As always, have a spooktacular day!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Etsy Store....

I realize I made this promise a couple of weeks ago at the very least, but I have FINALLY managed to get my Halloween items listed into the Etsy shop.  Better late than never is my motto, especially when it comes to loading up all those items into the shop. 

The only items that are not listed in there yet are the bat ornaments.  Due to the time of year, I have run out of day light in order to accomplish that task, and I'm afraid that the lighting inside my house is just too poorly right now to capture good enough photos to get the job done. I would use the photo tent, but I really need to invest in better light bulbs for the set-up in order to make good quality photos.  So, for now, I will just have to put the task off until I have proper lighting available. 

At any rate, for a quick link to the Etsy store (which goes under the heading of Pixie Knoll), I thought I would post a link for you all to gander at the many items available.  You can also follow the Etsy badge on the side of my page too.  And, if all else fails, you can always click on the photos in my website to take you directly to the item listing in the store!   :-)

As always, thanks for stopping by The Coven of Crones! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Gourd Silly

If you have read The Pixie Knoll blog, then you already know that I am working away on this years Santa commissions and hopefully one or two extras for some lucky individuals out there. 

But, a funny thing happens when one is busy sculpting away on Holiday wonders.  Your mind begins to wander about..... thinking up all sorts of possible projects one can create in the near future.  And, of course as a result, my mind meandered back to the Spirits in Sanford show, my Halloween projects and the fact that the show was held in a folk art gallery.  Of course, my style of work probably isn't really "folk art" by some standards, but, the stories themselves are indeed folk.  After all, pixies, gnomes and the like are about as folk as you can get really.  I mean, just pick up the nearest fairytale story you grew up with and you will see! 

At any rate, I suddenly had this desire to combine my craft with a more ancient style of art, one that stems from the necessity of survival or rather, one that made life easier for ancient folk.  The simple Gourd!  I do not know why it never dawned on me before, because truthfully, I have always LOVED gourd art.  I am like a moth to a flame when I come across a booth at a festival that has gourd art.  I love the rich, earthy colors of the gourds and their simple, decorative and practical uses.  A gift from mother nature to be sure.  What could be better than to combine the ancient uses of the simple gourd with my ancient fairytale pixie folk?     Nothing!   LOL 

As a result, I have gone gourd silly and ordered some dried bottle gourds.  They are not a super big, ranging from about 2 to 4 inches I guess according to the description I have from the order.  And, of course, as you might have guessed, the first will be practice gourds, just to see what I am capable of doing with them.  If all goes well, then this is just the beginning as I have a ton of ideas that are just bursting at the brain seams wanting to get out!  So, as you can imagine, I can't wait to try my hand at some gourd art!   As it is,  I have already decided that I will have to invest in a mini scroll saw.  The more tools for the studio the better!  

Anyway, I'm off to explore the world of mini scroll saws.  In the meantime, I would love to hear your thoughts on gourd art.  Why not share in the comments below?  I would love to hear from you!

Before I go I thought I would share the picture of the gourds from the seller I purchased them from.  Don't they look wonderful?   Oh the things I can think of creating with these beauties.  The possibilities are endless!