Friday, September 25, 2015

Happy Fall, Y'all! A Big Sale In The Etsy Shop!

It's true folks, I'm having a sale in my Etsy store to celebrate the coming of FALL!  Just enter the coupon code HAPPYFALL15 and receive 15% off of your purchase at the checkout!  The sale starts September 25, 2015 and last until October 31, 2015!   This includes some nifty Halloween items that I need to move out to make room for more items for this season!  So, if you've been looking at something special, now is the time to make that purchase. But, don't delay because someone else might be coveting the same item that you have your evil eye on!    Here is the link to the shop to make it easier for ya.  :-D

Aside from this news, I must apologize that I have not been here to make any new postings of late.  The truth is that I have been working my fingers to the bones trying to get ready for the Spirits in Sanford show that is coming quickly around the corner on October 9 and 10th, 2015.   Along with that, unfortunately, life has been getting in the way with my son being sick in the hospital with pneumonia, pleurisy and cellulitis from an abscess on his elbow and me dealing with a horrid sinus infection issue that has finally sent me to the ENT to get some relief.  It is amazing how crippling sinus pressure can be when it feels like you have 10 tons of bricks sitting on your face all the time.  I can barely focus because of it!    Fortunately, I bought stock in Tylenol sinus and that held it at bay long enough for me to get a few things completed!

Luckily for you and me that Tylenol sinus is "almost" a miracle worker because that means I have quite a few NEW items to show to you soon!  I have yet to take pictures of the new pieces, but hopefully soon I will find the time to do that.  Unfortunately, that means you will have to wait a wee bit longer before you can see some pics!  :-P  

At any rate, enjoy the Happy Fall sale!  I hope you find yourself something special to take home with ya!

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